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the truth is, she deserves the truth to spread like a wildfire virus, like the tendrils of the heaving beast of her misdeeds through the lips and ears of all her acquaintances; and while it is no responsibility of mine to take for having done so - if my personal lamentations and sighs and complaints about them have been taken so out of the context of private ruminations between myself and my dearest of friends in whom I seek comfort - as to having been used as gossip or fuel to the pyre of her glossy reputation - then I relish in having done so knowingly or otherwise. For sunlight is the best disinfectant, and she is infection itself. A spiritless hedonistic rat in a cage, raging against the very masters she feigns to serve. Telling people how and why to live their lives and violating every anarchic moral, every Taoist philosophy which guides my mere existence. And if I have the opportunity to point out a shining example of how not to be in her then I will and I feel that I have helped all to progress more spiritually and otherwise in having done so. Don’t seek comfort in drink and drugs. Don’t overeat. Don’t cheat on your fiancee. Don’t make out with men who have girlfriends. Don’t boss people around. Don’t cuss so much. Don’t tell people how to live their lives and they ought to do this that and the other while refusing to exercise, to drink water, to do yoga, to breathe and exist and meditate. That’s hypocrisy. That’s idle talk. That’s sin. Don’t fall in love with strangers and two weeks later decide they’re psychotic mistakes. Be planful of your life. Fill it with intent. The chaos is you. If the truth about you ruins your life…then perhaps you ought to change the truth about you, not try to oppress those who exercise their right to self expression by expressing the truth about you which you refuse to face or alter for the better when they’re just expressing themselves about the suffering you’ve caused.  

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it’s funny how harassing people and stalking them and cursing them out doesn’t really get results, huh? or at least…the person trying it on me must think so. 

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classy trashy

i put the ass in classy

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for all you other vegetarian/vegans

for all you other vegetarian/vegans

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"There isn’t a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. All the time, we find animals doing things that, in our arrogance, we thought was just human."
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out of it

I have never identified with anything more



out of it

I have never identified with anything more

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21 Big Signs of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking →


#1 You’re scared. Your partner’s behavior scares you. You’re afraid to ask for things or tell them something because you just don’t know how they would react.

#2 Incessant lectures. Your partner constantly tells you how you’re so flawed and how you still need to improve in so…

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